Scarcity Studios

Scarcity Studios

Scarcity Studios is a production company based in Birmingham city, UK.

Scarcity Studios

Scarcity Studios deliver the realest News stories from the street. Although the readers of this website are B-Boys/B-Girls, rather than Roadman, the stories will be of interest to you. It’s a shame that knife crime and gang violence is so tied in with the music scene these days, but its a sign of the times.

Scarcity Studios make a real effort to get the facts right when reporting on a story and they don’t glorify road life. Their stories range from upcoming music stars, knife crime, murders and your topflight villian court cases.

Scarcity Studios are based in Birmingham, but cover news from all over the UK. They are still a growing channel, but I predict they will go far. They deserve success and I wish them the best!

Scarcity Studios

The Scarcity Studios Youtube Channel was started in 2013 and has had over 30 million views.


Scarcity also offer units for photo shoots and music videos.

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