Train Stains…

Graffiti has been part of the b-boy scene since day dot. My tag was ‘PSE’ when we used to sneak out our parents houses at 2am to tag and paint the train lines back in the mid/late 80s. I love Train Stain’s …

Train Stain

Its not too common a sight to see a ‘train stain’ let out. This photo was taken in St Albans, Herts in July 2020.

Train Stain

The next carriage along, also taken in St Albans.

Train Stain - Luton

I got a better shot in Luton.


A piece at Luton station. I think its by ‘Jason’ as he does most of the graf around Luton/Leagrave. Correct me if I am wrong … He does much much better than this, but trains dont stop in right place to photograph them.

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