UK Breaking Crews (community projects)

I thought I would show some Love to the non-­profit dance companies/crews who primarily focus on community/youth projects.

These projects are aimed at bringing people especially disadvantaged youngsters together through Hip Hop/B-Boy music, culture and dance. I feel having positive male role models does a lot of good. Many youngsters are raised by their mum/gran and an OG breaker/b-boy is gonna be better dressed/fitter than your average road man.

With all the youngsters listening to ‘Drill’ music, I feel it is very important to teach them what Hip Hop is really about. Hip Hop/B-Boy culture is one of the most positive things to have come out of the 20th century. But its offshoots like ‘Drill’ and ‘Grime’ have become very obscured and negative.

The original MC’s and DJ’s, B-Boys, Breakers, and Graffiti artists from the 1970’s would be none too pleased that their creation ‘Hip Hop’ had been turned into spitting bars about stabbing next man and riding out life sentences. Spat over beats that ain’t been produced too well considering the equipment you can buy now for £200 does more than a high end studio the originators in the 1970s could only of dreamed of using.

Community projects making a difference!

So much Love and respect to all the B-Boys/B-Girls giving up their time to teach the youth ‘Breaking’, ‘Street Dance’, ‘Hip Hop Dancing’. Just showing the youngsters a little bit of faith and love can go a long way to help them lead a positive life.

I left home at 15 and I know how easy it is to be impressed by the local drug dealer in his Gucci tracksuit and Mercedes AMG when you cant afford your breakfast, let alone the tube fare to get to college. Through these youth workshops a lot of youngsters will meet people they would not normally choose to hang out with and they will learn that the differences between cultures and people make this world a far more interesting place.

I was lucky enough to see Dance music evolve from Disco as a kid in the late 1970s, to Break dancing take off in the UK the early 80s, to experiencing the UK Rave culture from the beginning and I can honestly say……

Music brought people together……

Rain Crew Ltd

Rain Crew is an internationally renowned dance company based in Stratford E15, the most deprived borough in London and the 3rd most deprived in the UK.  Rain Crew deliver classes, workshops, events, performances, and competitions.

The Rain Crew dancers specialise in breaking, Hip­ Hop, House(ive always dreamed of having breakers and a live drummer at a House music party) and Krump. The Rain Crew have also represented the UK at international level.

They offer classes throughout the week and you can also choose between 2 studios to hire for practice sessions, for a very fair £12+ per hour. Both dance studios have a Pro sound system.

Rain Crew Ltd

Rain Crew have worked with organisations such as Maxi Nutrition, ITV, Puma, Addidas, ASOS, Argos, Orange, EE, Brit Awards, Breaking Convention & the Oliver award winning show ‘The Pied Piper.

Rain Crew hold regular classes/events for dancers of all ages as their way of sharing their knowledge and elevating the art-form and their community internationally.

If you feel you could help Rain Crew by offering financial support, teaching or volunteering.

Email them;

UC Crew

UC Crew are an award winning youth organisation in St Helens, Merseyside specialising in encouraging the local community to become active citizens by using the platforms of Break Dancing, Graffiti and DJing to change the community.

UK Crew’s aim is to use their knowledge and experience to help children, young people and adults to become more positively engaged with the local community, increase their confidence, become healthier, more employable, have fun and have life aspirations.


UC Crew’s main activities are events, performances, lessons, St Helens Break Dancing youth club, organised projects, volunteering, educational visits and understanding different cultures.

UC Crew are available for performances, youth exchanges, competitions, talks, event management, project leadership, teaching regular classes and workshops.


UC Crew


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